The 3 Best Things About PR Boot Camp

The 3 Best Things About PR Boot Camp

When arriving for your first day of boot camp, things can get overwhelming quickly. Everyone is telling you how difficult it is going to be and telling you to say goodbye to your life. While difficult and time consuming, it is also amazing. Here are the three best things about being a Public Relations (PR) major during boot camp:

  1. The Media Kit: I remember feeling nervous over the summer when I heard I would be constructing a media kit. Little did I know that this project would be fantastic. Working on this project, I became comfortable writing various PR materials and writing them fast. While I may have had some prior experience, this program was great at teaching me how to write quickly and efficiently for the PR world.
  1. The Graphics Class: Although GRA 617 is a challenging course I guarantee you will feel proud of yourself upon its completion. You will not be a Photoshop genius after six weeks, but you will be a visual communicator. Best of all, you will have a working knowledge of Adobe programs. This is both personally fulfilling and an excellent resume builder.
  1. The Press Conference: This event was one of the best experiences I have ever had as a student. After picking media kits from each class, the entire PR cohort held a mock press conference. This experience is great for practicing your PR skills but also for strengthening your journalistic muscles. Playing both sides, you have the opportunity to both present your event as a PR practitioner and cover other presented events as a journalist.

Long story short, boot camp is challenging but even more rewarding. For public relations students the summer offers a lot of opportunity. And, with a little bit of effort, those opportunities become success.

Emilee Smith
Emilee is an artist, writer and musician who possesses a love of animals and a "Harry Potter" obsession. She is an avid reader, baker and aspires to publish novels. Emilee is currently earning a master's degree in public relations at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication.

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