The Hunt

The Hunt

Graduation is 99 days away, but who’s counting?  For many of us here at Newhouse this means that the hunt is on.  In an attempt to become a fierce competitor I’ve just stricken ‘job’ because ‘the hunt’ is more parallel to what this time in my life is, dangerous.  Why is job hunting dangerous?  Because it is so easy to become wrapped up in just having a job at graduation that you lose yourself.


Students, faculty and staff here at Newhouse have so much passion for what they do.  I’ve observed this passion on weekends when I see group members gather in the cafeteria, in moments of rehearsal before a student has to do a stand-up, in heated debates about cord cutting and the Hollywood model, in the breakdowns and hysteria during finals week and the feeling of joy that comes with feeling like you’ve produced your best work yet.  There’s something unspoken between every body that moves about these three buildings.  It’s like we’re all charged with a different task to complete one mission.

I’ve spent a lot of time in different buildings across campus, the law school, the applied sciences and technology building for my externship and Crouse Hinds for work.  None of them have the same vibe or energy as Newhouse.  Newhouse students are excited and exhausted at the same time.  We all want to be here, its an amazing and confusing feeling sometimes.

What does the passion I have about Newhouse have to do with the hunt?  It’s actually why the hunt is so dangerous.  I cannot just have a job, to just have one.  I have to do something I love, something that makes me feel like I feel when I’m at Newhouse.  I want a career.  I know that there is something out there with my name on it.  However, with 99 days until I’m pushed out of the university nest and forced to fly on my own, I’m nervous that my opportunity won’t come soon enough.  Right now, my dream career is a fantasy, but bills are real, student loan debt is real, and doing what I have to do to get by, turning into where I get stuck is also a real possibility.

There will be more about my job hunt and how its going in the coming months.  However, if I find a job within the next few weeks it’ll just end here. LOL, just a little wishful thinking.


Delisa Morris
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Delisa Morris is a current master's in PR candidate and third-year law student at Syracuse University. She studied political science and communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she received her bachelor's degree. Delisa is originally from Chicago.
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