4 Reasons to Visit Canada in 2017

4 Reasons to Visit Canada in 2017

It’s a running joke amongst my classmates and friends at Newhouse that as a Canadian, I’m barely foreign. There’s truth in this statement, but returning home for the holidays has made me appreciate Canada a whole lot more. Coming from Calgary Alberta, I am lucky to have grown up with the Rocky Mountains an hour drive away. Canada is all about the outdoors, and while it took me a while to warm up to the concept of hiking, with views like this, how can you resist?

Lake Agnes Teahouse Trailhead in the summer at Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada

If you know Drake, you’ll know he proudly professes his love for Toronto or “The 6”. And From Syracuse, you can get to Canada by plane, bus or train! Toronto is only a 4 hour drive from Syracuse and a great way to start exploring Canada, and here are 4 great reasons to take a trip to the Great White North:

  1. Canada was both a British and French colony. In 1867, the British North America Act was signed and we became a country. In 2017, we’re celebrating our 150th anniversary which means one big party all year long.
  2. To celebrate our 150th anniversary all National Parks in Canada are free! Yup, our rugged peaks, lakes, rivers and icy canyons are free to all this year. Make sure to get your park pass to avoid any potential fines!

    Ice climber at Johnston Canyon Upper Falls, Alberta, Canada
  3. Canada has some pretty great music festivals. If EDM festivals in the middle of nowhere are your thing, check out Shambhala in August. If not and you’re looking for peace, love and dancing Toronto hosts Bestival in June. If you love the idea of Coachella, definitely check out Osheaga in Montreal. Last year’s headliners included the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana Del Rey and Radiohead. The lineup also had a great mix of artists like The Lumineers, Future, The Cat Empire and Nothing but Thieves.
  4. As a student, if you’re coming from America, the conversion rate is pretty great right now. Since the Canadian dollar isn’t doing so great, a trip to Canada is cheaper than you think. Bad news for Canada, great news for everyone else.
  5. BONUS: Canada is the #1 place The New York Times recommends to visit this year. We beat out top destinations like Dubrovnik, Croatia (a filming location for Game of Thrones), Agra India (home of the Taj Mahal) and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. That’s pretty awesome.

Even if you’re American, you’ll need a passport to cross the border — we are another country after all! If you’re an international student, make sure to visit the Slutzker Center to find out if you’ll need a visa to enter Canada!

Neema Amadala

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