4 Tips for Having a Successful (Restful) Winter Break

4 Tips for Having a Successful (Restful) Winter Break

After a summer session of exciting new classes closely followed by a full intense semester, you’re going to be exhausted. There’s no exception, whether you’re interning, free-lancing, spending time with family, traveling, working, or a combination of the five–you’re going to need some rest! Here are some tips on how to make the most of your break without losing focus.

1) Go back to your roots. If you’re a graduate student at Newhouse, you’re there because of a passion you have. As a copywriter, I spent the semester studying advertisements and writing (and writing more… and writing more…) The second it was all over though, I casually sat down one afternoon with a book given to me at a Secret Santa. When I looked up, it was dark out. I’m sorry to say that during classes, I had forgotten my love of reading, which incidentally is the best way to improve writing. Use the break to go back to what originally inspired you come to Newhouse. It’ll rejuvenate your inner artist and most of all, be fun!

2) Look ahead. Maybe your idea of relaxing isn’t researching internships or tying up loose ends from the fall semester. But if your brain knows that there’s something out there you should be doing, you’re never going to fully relax. Pick one day a week to look forward and set goals for the next semester. Make sure that you’re prepared for what the new year is likely to bring keeping in mind that these objectives can relate to career milestones, academic achievement, or self-care. If it’s good for you, then it’s good for you and that’s what matters.

3) Try something new. At a multi-faceted school like Newhouse, you work with immensely talented people every day. There’s a good chance that one of these folks has a skill you don’t. For me, it was design. As a copywriter I knew I would always need to be skilled with words, but this semester I saw how beneficial it could be to improve my eye. I’m still no expert, but I’ve been looking online to improve how I see layouts and photographs, trying to take more pictures, and just trying to think more visually. Maybe the summer session left you inspired to code or start a blog. Whatever avenue you take, while job hunting it’ll help you stand out as a person who has multiple talents and interests.

4) Sleep. Just… sleep. The world we live in idolizes hard workers who sacrifice health for their trade, and I’m guilty of this as any other student. In the end though, you can’t run on empty for a calendar year. The break Newhouse gives us is meant to recharge us for another busy semester and intense summer session. Whether it means skipping a party at night or pushing family obligations to midday, communicate with the people around you that you need to catch up on some well-deserved rest. Chances are, your loved ones already know this. And chances are even higher that they’re proud of all you’ve accomplished and are willing to give you the time you need.

As the new year begins and you still have a couple weeks of refreshment left, I hope you enjoy the rest of your break. There’s always more to add to your list of tasks, but there’s only so much time in a day. The best way to look at the break is knowing that you have time to prepare for the new semester and catch up on rest, and most importantly, celebrate that you’re halfway to a masters degree at Newhouse!

Isabel Drukker

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