Insider Knowledge: Advertising campaigns capstone course part 3

Insider Knowledge: Advertising campaigns capstone course part 3

For this Insider Knowledge post, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Corinne Pavlicko graduate of the Master’s in Advertising program and team contact for “White Zebra”.

White Zebra’s challenge was to redefine the Bravo TV brand to appeal to the Millennial generation in 2015.  The team began by researching Bravo TV’s history, and found that Bravo had roots in fine arts and film.  The team simultaneously conducted primary and secondary research to uncover Millennials’ TV viewing behaviors, their favorite content and personal and professional passions.  White Zebra conveyed their research as Bravo past, present and future.  With the future being what type of network Bravo wanted to become.

The research led to the birth of Bravo 3.0.  Pavlicko noted that Millennials’ embrace of technology had created a new creative culture and class of graphic designers, photographers, YouTube stars, fashion bloggers and social media entrepreneurs.  White Zebra titled Millennials’ in these fields “Culture Curators”.

The Key Insight that White Zebra pitched was that they believed that it was the perfect time for Bravo TV to re-embrace its artistic heritage in a powerful and contemporary way.   White Zebra introduced, Bravo 3.0 – the TV network “Where Culture Pops”.  The team’s strategy was to create buzz worthy promotions and experiences that showcased Bravo sharing its creative passions and introducing TV characters and shows in a new artistic way.  The team created experiences: “Where Art, Music, Style, and Tech Pop”.  Which included chalk illusions for guerrilla marketing, a Bravo sponsored Pandora playlist, a partnership with “The Take” app (where you can shop TV characters’ styles right from your TV) and more.

Pavlicko found that the course was a really great learning experience that helped her grow personally and professionally.  Pavlicko learned that everyone had a different creative process and used everyone’s unique strengths and talents to produce great work while also having a blast.  She noted that preparing for the final pitch was exhilarating and exhausting, but also very rewarding.  Pavlicko was able to improve her speaking skills and learned how to craft a simple and powerful pitch.  She also noted that White Zebra had great team chemistry that they were able to showcase during their presentation.

Pavlicko’s favorite part of the capstone project was the pitch and celebrating their final moments together as a class.  In the end, everyone felt accomplished and Pavlicko loved seeing everyone’s hard work become a reality.  Additionally, she found that the course was a great networking opportunity that gave her a glimpse of the real world of advertising.

For more information about the Master’s in Advertising program, visit the Master’s in Advertising website.

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Delisa Morris is a current master's in PR candidate and third-year law student at Syracuse University. She studied political science and communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she received her bachelor's degree. Delisa is originally from Chicago.
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