A New Opportunity For Chinese Students In LA: China Lion Film Company

A New Opportunity For Chinese Students In LA: China Lion Film Company

This semester, I found an internship in Los Angeles to work in a Chinese film production company named China Lion. In this company, I saw and learned many partnerships between Chinese and American filmmaking, which I would like to share with all Newhouse students. Basically, the work methods in China Lion can be seen as a good example of the filmmaking cooperation between two countries.

What is China Lion?

China Lion is a film company which consists of a film production company and a film distribution company. Although the boss comes from China, almost all projects out of China Lion are related to the American film market.

For example, in my department of the film production company, we hire Hollywood writers and work with Hollywood producers to create something together. Also, we try to develop some projects which can be produced both by China and the US. As for the distribution company, we distribute Chinese movies for American audiences all over the country in places such as New York City, Los Angeles and so on.

However, that is not all of China Lion. As an international company, it also develops its film distribution capabilities in the UK and Australia.

Thus, China Lion can be regarded as a bridge between different cultures and filmmaking markets.

How does China Lion work?

  • Developing international projects

When a writer has a story that can work for China and the United States, it would be a good choice to contact China Lion. The company has a close relationship with the most famous Chinese film company Huayi Brothers. Thus, China Lion usually attains big film projects from China.

In order to make an international story work well, both America and China need to contribute their creative power and resources to developing the story. There are a lot of differences between cultures that need to be considered in the creative process.

  • Investment in American projects

China Lion is also interested in investing in Hollywood projects, with the story happening totally in the States. Especially if the story can be easily adjusted to become a more Chinese-themed story, it usually could have more opportunities.

  • Distribution of work

Film as a product needs to have a market to exhibit it. China Lion’s distribution department undoubtedly could provide both countries places to screen their movies, especially for Chinese movies. Now, audiences could watch Chinese movies in many American urban cities thanks to the bridge built by China Lion and American theaters.


Why could companies like China Lion be Chinese students’ new chance in LA?

  1. As international students in Newhouse (especially majored in TRF), we all want to find opportunities to make use of our knowledge and do something for both countries. Film companies like China Lion could provide a place for us to learn and touch upon the methods of Hollywood filmmaking and Chinese filmmaking.
  2.  Because China Lion is an international company, it usually hires people who are familiar with both countries. International students, especially Chinese students, could easily get the chance to work or have an internship here. For example, China Lion provides internship opportunities for each semester. They also require interviewees could be able to speak both languages.
  3. Production companies like China Lion are growing and developing themselves now. Thus, a lot of projects need to be translated into different languages. Moreover, students who are good at analyzing scripts and writing coverage usually could try to find this kind of company to start their film careers. Here, students not only could take good advantage of their language skills but also could improve their professional skills in writing and filmmaking.

Students who are interested in having an internship in China Lion should check out their Facebook. They usually start to post internship information before a new semester, such as in December or August.

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Xioyi Fu
TRF Graduate student in Newhouse. Film Lover
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