Advice For Incoming International New Media Management Students

Advice For Incoming International New Media Management Students

Since this will be my last semester in Syracuse University as a New Media Management (NMM) student, I want to write something to introduce my major to the prospective students who are interested in the major, and how they need to prepare for study. In the last few months, I received several Chinese students’ messages on social media to ask me a few things about the major. In our online conversations, I feel like they were not 100% clear about what they will learn in the one-year program. It is the same question I used to ask myself. Owing to the geographical limit, it is impossible for international students to have a school tour before they receive the offer.

I personally think my major is largely data-related so it will be easier to understand for students with some computer background. But it doesn’t matter if you lack that skill because the professor will be there to help you with every question you might have. In the program, we will learn how to manage the content, the team, and think like a content manager. Also, since it is “new media”, the students are expected to read data from the content and learn how to tell stories with it.

For the career section, I think the most suitable career path for students will be data analyst or content manager after they graduate. However, since we could also choose other courses in the University based on our interest, the career path is not definite; it is up to the students’ personal abilities and choices. But I will say, NMM students may hold a data analysis advantage over other media students. I believe the students will gradually learn their career path when they participate in the New York seminar during the spring break. Many Newhouse alumni will generously tell their own story to you from after they walked out of the University. If you haven’t decided what you want to do, listening to their stories might be quite necessary and helpful. The most valuable class I received during the year will be applied research in content management in the fall semester and strategic brand management in spring semester. I highly recommend the two courses to every new student.

Owing to the fact that it is only a one-year program, the time is really intense for students, especially for international students. The classes begin in the summer session, which I think is a good point to start. There will be less academic burden during summer if it is compared to the following fall or spring semester. The weather is also very nice. The sun will not set down until 9 p.m every day during summer. Try to use free time to explore the city as well as the University. During weekends, try looking to visit the parks or tourism attractions around Syracuse and organize a picnic with your friends. Try to meet more people and talk to them. It may be hard to fit in a new environment using a different language and also far from home, but it is actually not that hard. You soon will find you can gradually manage your pace as an international student if you keep trying, and it will be fun.

I will advise the international students to explore the school resources as much as possible; this advice was provided to me when I arrived here one year ago. The American-style campus has many differences than Chinese-style ones. I participated in many really good activities that I would possibly not have experienced in my alma mater in China. For example, having fencing class, learning physical defense techniques for women, and observing the moon in the observatory in campus. There are still many more that I haven’t discovered. The way of taking classes is more flexible here. If you are really interested in certain field, do not limit yourself by your major.

It may seem hard to start and you may encounter many culture crashes. What I would love to tell every international student is to have courage in your heart. I harvest greatly from the past one-year study experience here and I believe everyone would write their own story if they are willing to. If you have questions about the major, please feel free to contact me. I’ll try to answer your problems as much as I can.

Kailin Hu