10 Must-Bring Items Before You Start at Syracuse

10 Must-Bring Items Before You Start at Syracuse

Coming up to Syracuse, even for just one year, means a few must-have items—and yes, most of them relate to the weather. But trust us; you won't regret having anything below.


1. Boots. And not just any old boots. Waterproof, weatherproof, sludgeproof, iceproof, mudproof—basically indestructable boots that you will come to love like your own mother by the end of winter.

2. A coat. And not just any old coat. Waterproof, weatherproof, sludgeproof…well, see no. 1.

3. Gloves. And not just any old pair—okay, you know the deal…

4. A hat. To cover those ears. The wind can be pretty intense because of the hill, so anything to keep those cheeks warm in the fall and winter will help!

5. A rain jacket. Spring gets quite rainy (and hey, at least it's not snow!), so a lightweight waterproof shell will go a long way for you.

6. An extra charger for your computer, phone, MP3 player—whatever. Leave one at home; leave the other in your bookbag. You will not regret this.

7. Thick socks. Stay warm.

8. Ice scraper and snow brush. Keep in the trunk of your car. Do not remove. 

9. A smartphone. While not necessary, your life will be much easier – between editing apps, voice recording, group texting, and the ability to check your email, staying wired in will be very helpful.

10. Your social media network: not much love for Twitter or Facebook? That's okay; just make sure you have a profile so you can access information for class…or reach out to experts for advice.



Jillian Thaw

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  1. Thanks for the helpful information!! I will be starting the MNO program in July. I was wondering if you had a recommendation on boots in #1– in the south, the most “hardcore” boots I own are some LL Bean Duck Boots, but those aren’t lined with anything, so I’m imagining they’d be too cold? Also, any recommendations on gloves? I currently only own ski gloves (too bulky) and knit gloves (fashionable, but not that warm)…. Thank you in advance!

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