Reflection of a Grad Student: Fall Semester 2020

Reflection of a Grad Student: Fall Semester 2020

As a graduate student in the Broadcast and Digital Journalism program, every day is a workday (yes, including the weekend). That is why incoming students must understand the duration of this program and start incorporating time management skills into their everyday lives. The program lasts one year, beginning in the summer and concluding in the following. Although it may seem like a long time to come, it is the complete opposite. Time does not just fly when you are having fun, as the famous saying goes, it also flies by when you have a ton of responsibilities. Be cautious of what you are doing and whether it is helping you achieve your goals throughout the day.

Waking up early is non-negotiable, at least for the time you are at Newhouse. One thing that helped me was having a morning routine. Personally, whenever I can find time to do a little workout, sign me up. My morning routine consists of a few corrective exercises with a resistance band, a core circuit for five to ten minutes, and a jump rope session for around the same time.

That is my routine, yours could be anything from yoga, reading, dancing, on and on. The key is to understand that by having an early start to the day, you can start knocking out tasks at a much more efficient rate, which you will need to do in required courses like News Reporting (BDJ 664). To survive such a class, one must be in tune with what is going in their community every day as the sun rises.

The material in most of your classes will be manageable if you allow yourself the right amount of time to get things done. At times, your hands will be tied. You will have to submit an assignment that may not be your best work, however, to meet the deadline you must submit what you have. In situations like this, realize that you are not alone. Journalists do not always submit their best work because the top priority is always to hand something in before the deadline arrives. But deadlines are not to be used as an excuse for less than average work. Give yourself enough time so you can do your best work and meet a deadline, and if a rare case occurs such as Adobe Premiere decides to crash on your laptop (yup) as files are being exported to be submitted five minutes before the deadline, you may (you will) need a backup just so there is a finished product with your name on it that will allow you to receive a grade (or not get fired in the real world).

Talha Rao