Newhouse 2017 Public Relations Winter NYC Benchmark Trip

Newhouse 2017 Public Relations Winter NYC Benchmark Trip

One of the top reasons to study at Newhouse is the robust network and tons of great opportunities, like the Newhouse 2017 Public Relations Winter NYC Benchmark Trip. Twelve students participating in this benchmark trip traveled to New York City from January 11 to January 13, gaining an insiders view of the PR industry and insight from experienced PR professionals. The trip was led by Professor Hua Jiang, an assistant professor of Public Relations at Syracuse University.

During the trip, we visited many leading global communications and marketing firms, including Edelman, Burson-Marsteller, Gibbs & Soell Business Communications, Hunter PR, Hotwire PR and Taylor Strategies, and joined an Evening Alumni Panel Discussion at Lubin House, where a team discussed most recent case studies and brainstormed.



But don’t worry if you weren’t there. Here are some key takeaways from this trip:

First, be hungry. Like Steve Jobs told senior students at Stanford University in 2005: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” You should be curious and follow your curiosity. Show that you’re eager to learn in interviews and through your work. You will not be able to know everything that a job requires right away, so a strong desire to learn can really distinguish you from your peers. The PR industry is evolving rapidly, which means you’ll never be bored, but always need to stay hungry.

Second, learn quickly. No doubt, you should be motivated and be a fast learner. Don’t be afraid to ask those experts when you are learning. No matter what skill you want to accomplish, there is likely someone else who is already good at it. Being open-minded and actively asking can help you learn faster.

Third, writing is extremely important. Yes, as a Newhouse student, writing is always a top skill, but I can not emphasize the importance of writing enough. Would a PR company would hire you if your writing has grammar or punctuation flaws? Probably not

Additionally, prepare to be the best. “You shine on a stage when there is a spotlight. But can you shine in the dark?” asked Tony Signore, CEO of Taylor Strategies. “You should have the ability to shine when no one is watching.” So what would you do when you are in the dark? Prepare to be the best.

Signore also quoted author Jim Collins, saying “good is the enemy of great.” Never be satisfied with being good. Otherwise, how will you have the motivation to achieve more?

The Newhouse 2017 Winter NYC Benchmark Trip was spectacular, thought-provoking and a stepping-stone for the upcoming job hunt.

Sharon Shi is a graduate student studying public relations

Yue Shi

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