School And Work: Find Your Balance

School And Work: Find Your Balance

As college students, often times we find ourselves spending money one way or another but not always making that same money back. We have to budget, learn to save, or sometimes just say “no.” How can we go to class on a weekly basis along with other activities and commitments, but still find a way to have fun and not stress ourselves out? You never realize how much money matters until you enter college, and that is why it is important to find ways to balance what you are spending and what you are making.

The best way to do that is by finding a job, whether that is something on campus or in the local community. There are jobs out there for every student, but it is up to you to take advantage of all available resources in order to find the right one. One of the best places for students is to look directly on your campus job listings website. Syracuse has a job opportunities website, where you create an account and pick your own search criteria and begin applying right away. These jobs are the best because they are located directly on campus and work with your schedule as a student. These offices understand that you are currently in school and are flexible to your availability, so you can allot enough time for both work and academics.

When it comes to finding the balance between work and school it can be a difficult task, but with prioritization and patience, it can be done. First and foremost, it is important to know your schedule backwards and forwards. The best way to ensure that you haven’t missed a beat is to write everything down. Personally, I like to use a white board to plan my whole week and sometimes month, but others may prefer planners, calendars, memos, apps, etc. Use what is best for you, but be sure to make it something that you will be able to check and update daily. There is nothing like missing something or being late because it wasn’t in your records or you simply forgot about it. This will be beneficial when it comes to your class assignments and projects but also for your work schedule.

Another way to ensure that you are achieving balance is to not take on more than you can handle from either side. Often times, once we begin working and the checks start rolling in we like the idea of making money and want more. As a result, you could find yourself picking up more shifts or working longer hours at a time. If you are not careful, this time spent working could interfere with time dedicated to studying, homework, or projects. However, we don’t want to work too little to the point where we can’t finance our weekly expenses. One thing that I have found to be useful is to work on weekends more because that is often when we have the most time as students. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices and maybe not go out with friends or not sleep in as late but it will be worth it in the end. Also, there are student jobs out there that aren’t as demanding and let you complete work while you’re on the clock. This is always helpful because it allows you to lessen your load and be productive, all while making money.

It is important to realize that a job is not necessary while in college, but will have more positive effects than negative. It will allow you to meet and network with others, make money and maybe even land a permanent position if it is in your field on interest. However, you should not overwork yourself through your collegiate career. There is no problem with taking days off to handle other business or to even rest from time to time. Do not get complacent though, continue to work hard in the classroom and out.

Tamar Turner

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