Surviving First Semester

Surviving First Semester

As I think back to the beginning of the semester in August, I can’t believe for a second that it is now one week away from the end. While the days seem to be ling, each week goes by quicker than the last. However, from start to finish it has been eventful to say the least. Newhouse seems to never be at rest, even when the lights are off because there is always work to be done whether I realized it or not. While getting through the semester was not an easy task, as I reflect back there was a lot that I was able to accomplish and there is still more to come.

After returning back to Syracuse from the break once “boot camp” ended, I felt refreshed but I knew that the workload was only going to increase. I kept hearing from previous graduates that this will be the hardest semester during my time here, but I didn’t let that deter me from keeping a positive attitude. I approached each class with no preconceived notions and just did what I know how to do best, work hard. But, this was definitely not a solo effort as every piece along the way made a difference, from friends to co-workers.

I never realized how important it was to really take a break from school until this semester. There were plenty of times where I just had to put my work to the side and simply do something that I enjoyed like watching sports or even taking a nap. If you just continue to pound academics into your brain, it will drive you crazy and only make things harder in the long run. Friends come in handy because as we are spending time together, the last thought on our minds is what assignment we have coming up next or when do we have to schedule an interview for our “hard news” story. Rather it is simply about living in the moment and enjoying what we have around us for the time being.

Also, I learned one of the most valuable lessons this semester–to take advantage of EVERYTHING that Newhouse has to offer. There were an array of speakers, presentations and networking events that seemed to take place on a daily basis. While I couldn’t make every single one, I did my best to attend what fit in my schedule and I don’t regret a single event. These events granted me opportunities to meet alumni in my field and beyond. It allowed me to hear first-hand about the pros and cons of working your way up in the field of communication. Additionally, I was able to connect with more of my fellow peers in Newhouse with similar interests.

All in all, I learned from this semester that it is not only important to make the most out of your time while at Newhouse, but to have fun in the process. When you reflect back on your first semester you should not only see it as learning experience but also as a milestone that you achieved along the way. No, it will not always be easy but that’s life and you should always remember that hard work pays off in the long run.

Tamar Turner
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