Women’s Sports Update

Women’s Sports Update

The Women’s Sports Update is one of many entities that are associated with the Orange Television Network at Syracuse University. More specifically, it’s a show that is recorded weekly providing updates on all women’s sports around campus. The show has been around for a few years now, and has provided Syracuse fans with a way to follow their favorite women’s teams throughout the year. I was first introduced to the show this past summer, when I overheard one of my classmates (Isis) talking about it. Isis is not only a host on the show, but is also a member of the women’s basketball team.

Last year, Isis served as a co-host on the show and decided to return for another year because she enjoyed it that much. Although I was informed that the show has only been hosted by women, that did not deter me from still wanting to inquire more about becoming a part of the team. After expressing interest, I met with Professor Andy Robinson, who is also the General Manager of Orange Television Network. In this meeting, we discussed my previous experience with sports and broadcasting as well as my future plans and aspirations.

For me, I wanted to become a part of the show for two main reasons. First, as an aspiring sports reporter it is important to know the world of sports like the back of your hand. Whether it is women’s or men’s, professional or collegiate; all levels of sport matter. Secondly, I enjoy watching women’s at any level because they are just as competitive if not more than the men. I was also hoping that by becoming the first male to co-host the show, it would encourage others in the future. I thought to myself that this opportunity would be my best bet in order to begin practicing for what I want to do in my future career–talk about sports.

Being a part of this show has been nothing short of a positive and engaging experience from day one. The cast is comprised of Isis Young, Kayla Burton (who is another classmate of ours) and myself. We all are in the sports communication emphasis and the Women’s Sports Update is a way for us to show our versatility when it comes to reporting sports. Each week we select a different sport to cover. In order to adequately report on what is happening with each team it is our responsibility to attend games, events, press conferences, etc.

This show has not only put me in the heart of the SU athletics atmosphere, it’s allowed me to learn about the games of field hockey and volleyball in-depth. I have picked up on new terminology that helps me better articulate the gameplay from start to finish. One of the best moments since beginning the show was actually being able to meet one of the players from the ice hockey team who told me that she watches the show.

As the new year begins, we have some ideas that we are hoping will make the show more interactive and reach a wider audience. I am looking forward to meeting more of the athletes and how they will fair as a team during their seasons.

Tamar Turner