At Newhouse It’s A World of Endless Opportunities

At Newhouse It’s A World of Endless Opportunities

When you become a student of Newhouse there’s a question or a phrase that can be heard often, “Did you check you email?” or “It’s in an email”. This is said so often it might as well be a song, but it said so often because there so much going on here at Newhouse that it’s the only way to keep up. And that one thing that’s always happening here are opportunities.

If you want to grow not only as a person but as a professional that’s literally the thing that will make anyone want to apply here because it’s an opportunity to grow and to be exposed to new things including new sides of yourself. The opportunities be they in or outside of class keep your calendar full.

For example, let’s say you either want to be a reporter or you are really into designing publications and like to lay things out. Great. So, in those two things alone you’ve got student media from the Daily Orange independent student run newspaper or NewsHouse a digital publication that focus specifically on the greater Syracuse community beyond campus or established student magazines such as Jerk, Renegade or Zipped to use as a place to get your pen dipped.

And if you want to try something in either television/film or radio no problem there’s something for you as well and the best part is that it doesn’t even have to be the major in which you’re studying. This goes for anything student activity based. You can cross pollinate and try something that you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t. There’s the radio station WREW or Citrus TV or Orange Television Network for all the television lovers out there looking to do everything from providing the local news or creating a new television show.

It’s like a wish come true where you discover that you can do just about anything you want while you’re here if you can balance it all. There’s even blogging for the school, this the Newhouse Insider which you may not think there would be a chance to blog for the school but it’s true you can.

If you love everything public relations and putting on an event or spreading the word about something don’t worry, there’s a space for you also. There is Hill Communications a student run public relations firm.

Now if you are thinking, “On campus sounds great but what about off campus?” Well the good news is there’s different things happening off campus also especially if you’re an undergraduate. If you want to go to Los Angeles to better understand the entertainment industry you can apply and do a full semester in L.A. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Who needs East Coast winters when you can learn in the sun and still make time for some fun?

Something similiar could be said for a spending a semester in New York City. If you’re someone who knows that they want to pursue a career in traditional journalism or publishing, or television you can’t get any better than the busy electric streets of New York City no matter the season. This is another program that is offered for a semester and provide internship opportunities for both NYC and LA.

If you’re looking to go even further there’s the chance to study abroad and study in some amazing places around the world. All you must do is reach out to the office of study abroad on campus and they will guide you to the steps to make that happen. All trips abroad will be able to fit your academic interest all you have to do is tell them as you’re working out your plans. Some students have gone to India depending on their interest and other places all based on where Newhouse has built a relationship so don’t worry your passport will not go idle as you try to decide on where to go.

Finally, if nothing above interests you there is one thing to do that you don’t have to leave school grounds for and that’s to become a Newhouse Ambassador. In this role students get to tell visitors about Newhouse and provide unique insight for those who may come from diverse backgrounds allowing students to see some version of themselves as they tour the school.

For other great opportunities there may be great lectures happening by people who visit Newhouse be they alums or people who have come to know the school. There are also tons of opportunities that come from outside the school that you may receive in your email so check it often.

The chance to do things at Newhouse never stop, something is always happening and sometimes the only downfall is if you have a class while a great talk is going on. If that happens don’t worry, there’s always another for when you’re here you’re always doing something and there’s always something to do.

Camille Daniels