5 websites for job information in the entertainment industry

5 websites for job information in the entertainment industry

It’s November, so it’s time to look for some spring and summer internships. Where do you usually find job information? Google, LinkedIn or Handshake? Where else could you get job information? Today I’m going to list 5 less popular but great job search sites and their features for you to find out more information about job hunting!


This is a section of jobs from Hollywood Reporter. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. It is an American digital and print magazine, and website, which focuses on the Hollywood film, television, and entertainment industries. It is a relatively well-known and authoritative website, and I sometimes read the latest entertainment industry news on this website. There is also a lot of information about jobs on this site. What’s more, because of the situation of COVID, it points out that those jobs are remote in the search interface, which helps us to screen them.

2. https://staffmeup.com/

This website provides all production jobs in Film, TV, Digital, Media & Entertainment. Some big names like YouTube, Snapchat, Discovery, and other large companies will post jobs on this website, and you only need to register to post or apply. You could add and edit your resume, cover letter, and add credits. Not only can you find jobs here, but you can also post jobs here. Besides, it provides a little forum where you can see when someone is accepted by the company, they post to tell everyone that they are accepted. This is very useful for us because you’ll know who’s in your dream company and you can go network with them.

3. https://www.showbizjobs.com/

Here, you can find job opportunities at Pixar, Warner Media, ESPN, TNT and other well-known media companies. If you’re going to work for one of these big companies as your first step to the industry, make sure to check out this website. The interface is simple, powerful and informative. The title of each job is short but accurate, providing enough required information. I also love that when you click on a job, it intelligently recommends similar jobs in a similar listing.

4. http://www.creativeheads.net/

If you’re interested in working in post-production technology, check out this site. Creativeheads provides various types of work in Video Game, Software/Technology, Animation, VFX. Many professional post-production companies trust the site and put a lot of their job information on it. Compared to other sites, because it only works in the post-production area, it will post jobs that might not be available on other sites.

5. https://www.mediabistro.com/jobs

I know Mediabistro because whenever I Google a job related to film and television and click on the details of a particular job, I always jump to the website. So it can be seen that its position resources are very rich. It also offers online courses that enable you to learn about digital marketing, social media, copyrighting and other knowledge to help you prepare for the job. You can also see your mentor’s portfolio or chat directly with him/her. Another valuable thing about this website is that it has a column devoted to freelancers, providing many references and contact information for employers to check. So if you’re interested in doing freelance work in the future, sign up and post your info on it!

Chen Rong