Let’s Talk Isolation

Let’s Talk Isolation

Last week I drove myself back up over the border into Canada. Although it’s only a five-hour drive, it took me closer to eight hours due to the fact I had to pull into a McDonald’s parking lot halfway through to attend class via hotspot (one of the perks of Zoom University). Later that evening, I found myself back in my childhood bedroom, beginning something I had been somewhat dreading — my 14-day isolation.

I know I’m just one of many who face 14-day isolation upon returning home, so here are some of the things I plan on doing with my time!

1.Class & Schoolwork

The applicability of this depends on when you get home. I finish in-person classes on day five of my isolation and have no final exams. My guess is, if you’re reading this for inspiration, you’re in a similar boat, and if you’re not, then get going! If you finish your school stuff now, you don’t have to do it when you can go back into the outside world.

2. Netflix – Grey’s Anatomy

It’s a classic for a reason: Netflix. Or Hulu or HBO or Disney+ or Crave, whatever your streaming service of choice is, I’m sure there is something you’ve been putting off watching because you “didn’t have enough time to devote to it.” For me, that show is Grey’s Anatomy. Despite it being my sister and my best friend’s favorite show, I’ve never watched it all the way through. I am now on Season 3 and hooked; not only do I now understand all the various Grey’s references they make, but I can even make my own.

3. Reading

My reading schedule this semester has been filled with class texts or recommended reading from professors. I order a couple of books from a local bookstore and plan on renting some virtually from my local library as well. Can’t figure out what to read? The NewsHouse put out a guide with some recommendations here!

4. Redecorating

With so much time to spend in my room, why not redecorate? I have yet to decide if it’ll be a small project like my bookshelf or a more significant undertaking like my entire room. I might even take some time to draft up some designs for my place back in Syracuse.

5. Adobe

With our subscriptions to Adobe from Newhouse, why not build on some of our graphic design skills from the summer – whether designing new logos or lock screens for your phone or even learning how to composite images in Photoshop. Adobe is a fun and creative way to break up a Netflix binge or spend a rainy afternoon.

6. Creative Decorating and Other Holiday D.I.Y projects

With the holiday season fast approaching and my semester wrapping up before anyone else in my family, I have been put in charge of all the holiday decorating for my house. I’ve spent hours in isolation scrolling through Pinterest and TikTok for lots of possible D.I.Y. decor ideas!

7. Look Wistfully Out The Window

Is this just me? 14 days of isolation isn’t a fun experience for anyone – but it is necessary to keep our friends and family safe. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to complain about it every once in a while.

Luckily I only have two more days of isolation left – so the end is in sight! Soon I will be able at least to leave the house for groceries and more craft supplies!

Mackenzie Snell