Insider Knowledge: Audio Arts capstone project and internship experiences Part 1

Insider Knowledge: Audio Arts capstone project and internship experiences Part 1

The students who participate in the audio arts program have an exciting course load.  Students take both Newhouse and College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) classes.  This degree program hybrid allows students to study many different components of the field of audio arts with experts from Newhouse and VPA.

Former audio arts student Queenie Li was kind enough to share her experiences in her internship and capstone project from this past year for Newhouse Insider.

The first internship that Li had after she graduated was with Remote Control Productions, a film and television scoring company in Santa Monica lead by film composer Hans Zimmer.  Li was an intern/ studio assistant for the studio and other affiliated companies within the complex.  After her first internship, Li had the opportunity to intern with another composer at the studio, Henry Jackman, President of Sacred Tiger Music Publishing.

As a studio assistant, Li performed the duties of a runner and was a general assistant to composers and sound engineers at the company.  With over thirty composers and engineers working in different studios around the complex, interns were often called in for any help that was needed.  Li also oversaw inventory and did studio maintenance.

Since Li had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, she was not allowed to reveal any special projects that she worked on during her internship, but I am sure that it was interesting and exciting stuff.

Li found that the best part of her internship experience was how much she learned from the sit-in sessions with different composers and engineers.  Li noted that it was eye opening that on her first day at Remote Control Production she took a studio tour of one of the world’s state of the art film score studios.  Li found that the most valuable part of her time was being able to sit in with some of the world’s most sought after film composers and engineers in the industry and watch them write and bring the score to life.  Simply stated, she was mesmerized and inspired to compose continually and be heard.

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