It Finally Snowed

It Finally Snowed

Hello all,

The snow is here!! I grew up in Buffalo, NY and though it can be a real pain driving around in the snow, to me it is not a real winter until it has snowed. I will admit I was happy it lasted this long, though celebrating a 45 degree Christmas was a bit sad. With this I want you to know that yes you can enjoy this and yes it will eventually end. For those of you who are not from the area, you are in for a treat because Western and Central New York have had winters starting in October and not ending until MAY.

Tips to Survive the Winter:

1.) If you own a car keep these items in the event of a storm where you may be stuck on an interstate overnight (true life): extra pair of gloves…in the glove box (ha), hot hands, snow brush/ice scraper, blanket. For those of you who want to be EXTRA prepared then I suggest a shovel, kitty litter to help get your tires unstuck, and some spare, warm clothes. (Another good idea is to put your windshield wipers up so it is a lot easier to brush the snow off rather than it getting impacted and slower to defrost).

2.) It may not be extremely comfortable or stylish, but many times I have worn leggings or tights under my jeans/pants/etc for an extra layer of warmth. Depending on how far you are walking to school, Marshall Street, or Armory at night, it makes the commute that much more bearable when you don’t feel as if your legs are about to break off.

3.) Just… drive slow, please. PLEASE. There is many times a lot more going on than just fluffy snow on the ground and if you are not able to stop in time then you run the risk of sliding in to oncoming traffic or hitting someone walking on the road because the sidewalks are not properly shoveled. Black ice is very scary when you hit a patch of it and there is little control over your car at that point, so to prevent that from happening I ask you to just take it easy, slow down earlier, and don’t be upset with someone who may be going “too slow” because many people have been in accidents hitting poles or going into a ditch and they may be taking precautions that it doesn’t happen again.

Enjoy your first day!


Shannon Connor

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