Your Thoughts Have Power

Your Thoughts Have Power

I often think there is something genuinely magical about Newhouse. I’m not trying to be funny or make things up, but I feel like there’s something in the air here where you are simply free to be as goal oriented or to dream as much as you want. And while doing all that dreaming or being focused on a goal, somehow it manifests itself into becoming a reality much faster than expected. Sometimes it seems like it happens instantly.

As a student here I feel like I have witnessed that happen to fellow students. Someone will say something or think of something and a way is made, and it appears or happens. It is not to say hard work is not at play or that it is always that easy but what I can say is that it feels like a place where that part of you is welcomed. You are indeed welcomed to be that vulnerable and you can let whatever is in your heart be explored, especially if you are feeling creative.

I think it is because people try to be good or at least do good and I think it is something shared among the students here. I feel like that part of you, the parts you may not always show, can be explored here and it prepares you for life after school where that may not always be the case. For a moment you get to do that and it is amazing to see where it can lead.

I think for me what being open to exploring some ideas I have had has led me to just wanting to keep going and go even deeper into myself and how I can apply that professionally. If I am willing to be vulnerable and let my creative side open up even more it will lead to greater opportunities.

As a writer I do not think the stories ever stop coming but rather more come and appear in different formats. For me that means exploring other formats that at one point seemed strange but now I see are just other avenues to express them. What I have enjoyed about being a student here is seeing how people told their stories and how one way inspired the next and what that lead to. It is like dreaming or creating is not only welcomed but is essential. It is essential because we all think differently and so as I explore my own goals and dreams Newhouse taught me or reminded me to not stop at the first level but rather to keep going. It is why I feel like sometimes things seem to manifest so quickly because it feels like the minute you are willing to be open, the energy within Newhouse senses it and it appears.

This is why I say, be willing to explore and be willing to be vulnerable because it can and will lead to great things. Newhouse is about that, it is about exploring, being curious, creative, and hard working. It is about daring to go beyond the surface. Aim high and watch what happens, it will blow your mind.

Camille Daniels